Alegria footwear started out life as shoe for Nurses and other Medical staff in the United States. Loved by the profession for use during work, Alegria started to produce their shoes in all sorts of funky designs for work life and play.

They will offer you overall comfort and style and have a rocker sole that helps with your posture.

Brook Ink Impressions  £109 SALE  £76

Brook Tranquil  £109  SALE  £76

Caiti Cocoa Impressions  £149  SALE  £104

Caiti Ink Impressions  £149  SALE  £104

Classic Zaney Jane  £119

Leisurelee in Black  £59.95

Leisurelee in Leopard  £59.95

Classic Groovin  £119

Classic Hello Doily  £119

Delilah Cocoa Impressions  £125  SALE  £87

Delilah Ink Impressions  £125

Paloma Grand  £119

Paloma Red Rock  £119

Seville Croc Noche £119

Seville Pretty Vague  £119

Classic Fieldings  £119  SALE  £83

Paloma Copacetic  £119 SALE  £104

Paloma Reverie  £119 SALE  £104

Paloma Romantical  £119  SALE  £83

Paloma Black Leather_W

Paloma Black Leather  £119

Debra black_W

Debra Black Leather  £119