Made 100% in Italy, the Latte Collection focuses on stand out tops, quirky dresses and Italian knitwear using unusual textures, yarns and fabrics.  Latte aims to appeal to “forever 40 contemporary women with a discerning eye for fashion.”  Well, that sounds like a Helen Midgley customer doesn’t it?!?

RY0346 Navy Natural White Top £99  SALE £69  Size M only

E263 Pale Blue Top  £99  SALE £69  Size XXLarge only

G07040 Fucshia Linen Mix Top  £99

GO5020 Pink Dress  £101.50  SALE £104  Size Medium only

GO5021 Khaki Dress  £145  SALE £101.50  Size Large only

GO5022 Blue  £145  SALE £101.50  Size Medium only

GO5029 Red Dress  £145  SALE £101.50 Size Large only

119 Toffee Culottes  £85  SALE £59.50  Sizes Small, Medium & XLarge

GO4027 Grey Dress  £135 SALE  £94.50  Size Large

GO4029 Black White Dress  £135  SALE  £94.50  Sizes Medium & Large