Legero is an Austrian shoe manufacturer who make sporty, functional shoes with a modern, innovative design and an uncompromising, lightweight construction. The shoes are good quality suede or leather uppers and some are goretex lined to guarantee they are waterproof. A great everyday shoe that has a great lightweight construction.


Soana in Black Suede  £115

Softboot Lace in Wine  £99

Softboot Zip in Red  £99

Tivano in Black  £135

Essence in Black Leather  £120

Tanaro in Wine (goretex)  £105

Tanaro in Navy (goretex)  £105

Fano Sandal in Black  £85

Fano Sandal in Pink Metallic  £85

Fano Sandal in Pink  £85

Essence in Red £99

Tanaro in Grey  £99

Tanaro in Pink  £85  SALE £59

Maleo Pump in Grey Leather  £85  SALE £59

Amato Slip On Grey Suede  £95  SALE  £66

Amato Slip On Pink Leather  £85  SALE £59

Amata Slip on in Navy  £95  SALE £66

Cristal in Silver  £80  SALE £56