The World’s Finest Walking Shoes – Mephisto shoes for men and women are handmade from the finest natural materials and are designed with the most advanced comfort features available. Mephisto offers an extensive collection of shoes for city, country, sport or leisure for both men and women. Helen Midgley has been selling Mephisto shoes for over 30 years

and customers come back time and again to buy their Mephisto shoes from us. We are also able to provide you with a full Mephisto repair service.

Nonie in Black  £179


Phila Boot in Grey  £199

Nellie in Grey  £149

Palmyre in Black  £169

Helen Perf in Light Sand  £69

Helen Mix Old Pink  £75

Helen Mix Multi  £75

Helen Sky Blue  £69

Helen Perf in Navy  £79  SALE £55

Helen Blue Star  £69

Helen Bronze  £69

Helen in Black Patent  £69

Helen in Grey Etna  £69

Juliet in Red  £135

Klodia Nude Sparkle  £139  SALE £97

Pattie Camel  £129

Agave in Warm Grey  £109

Beauty in Warm Grey  £135    SALE £67.50

Minoa in Light Sand £129

Getha Sky Blue  £129

Getha Navy  £129

Getha Camel  £129

It’s Me Sandal in Navy  £99

It’s Me Sandal in Grey  £99  SALE £69

Niwa in Teal  £109

Niro in Militaire  £105  SALE £73

Niro in Grey  £105  SALE £73

Fina Tex Black and Wine (waterproof) £139

Fina Tex Black Turquoise (waterproof)  £139

Nigata Tex in Black/Java  (waterproof)  £145

Hawai in Light Blue  £169  SALE £118

Belisa Off White  £135  SALE £94

Pearl in Navy  £169  SALE £118

Camilla in Taupe  £165  SALE £82.50

Clarisse in Oxblood  £169

Marisa in Chianti

Marisa in Chianti  £159  SALE £79.50

Lady in Black Patent  £189

Lady in Red  £189

Loreen in Grey  £159

Poppy in Black Patent and Suede  £169  SALE £118

Marylene in Black Leather  £175

Fiducia in Black  £179

Seddy in Black Leather  £175

Patrizia in Black  £169

Piera in Black

Piera Black Leather  £169 SALE £118

Filipina in Oxblood

Filipina Red  £169  SALE £118

Natala in Steel

Natala Steel  £134  SALE £67

Natala in Black Patent

Natala Black Patent  £134  SALE  £67

Hawai in Graphite

Hawai Graphite  £169  SALE £118

Christy Black Patent

Christy Black Patent  £169

Bretta in Black

Bretta Black  £139  SALE  £69.50

Naomi in Navy

Naomi Blue  £134  SALE £67

Natala in camel

Natala Camel  £134  SALE £67

Norma in Camel

Norma Camel and White  £139  SALE £69.50

Wanda in Wine

Wanda Wine and Black  £154

Wanda in Brown

Wanda Brown  £154

Wanda in Black

Wanda Black Leather  £154