The World’s Finest Walking Shoes – Mephisto shoes for men & women are handmade from the finest natural materials and are designed with the most advanced comfort features available. Mephisto offers an extensive collection of shoes for city, country, sport or leisure for both men and women.  Helen Midgley has been selling Mephisto shoes for over 30 years and customers come back time and again to buy their Mephisto shoes from us.  We are also able to provide you with a full Mephisto repair service.

Bradley in Black £179

Dickson in Brown  £189

Bradley in Navy  £175

Rake Off in Black  £145

Cruiser in desert

Cruiser in Desert  £175

Cruiser in Brown

Cruiser in Dark Brown  £175

Douk in Hazelnut  £159  SALE  £79.50  Sizes 7 & 11

Irwan in Hazelnut  £149  SALE  £74.50  Size 7.5 only

Davy Slip On in Black  £149

Barracuda in Brown

Barracuda in Dark Brown (goretex)  £199

Agazio in black

Agazio in Black  £145

Adelio in Dark Browen

Adelio in Dark Brown  £135 SALE £67.50  Sizes 7 & 7.5

Alyon in Hazelnut

Alyon in Chestnut  £135  SALE  £69.50  Size 7 only

Charles in Chestnut

Charles in Chestnut  £174

Ezard in Brown

Ezard in Dark Brown £189

Giacomo in Sand

Giacomo in Sand  £159   SALE  £79.50  Size 7 only

Ludo in Dark Brown

Ludo in Dark Brown  £165  SALE  £82.50  Size 9

Alligator in brown

Alligator in Brown £110