Sandpiper Shoes are wide fitting, so perfect for that wide or swollen foot.  Through two removable insoles in the shoes we can change the width of the who to 2E, 4E or 6E.  Made from good quality leathers, the shoes are great for all day comfort.

Falmer Mary Jane Mulberry/Floral £89

Fargo Velcro Shoe Mulberry/Floral  £89

Fenwick Velcro Shoe Royal/Floral  £89

Filton Mary Jane Shoe Beige  £89

Cheryl in Platinum and Floral  £85

Onyx in Fiesta  £65  SALE  £45

Welland in Tan  £89

Filton in Black  £89  SALE  £63

Fenwick in Red  £89  SALE  £63

Fargo in Black  £89

Falmer in Navy  £89 SALE £63