Peter Kaiser

Peter Kaiser, German Shoemakers Since 1838 make high quality, elegant shoes that are a precise fit, using high quality materials and with a fashionable appeal for women.  Helen Midgley selects the material and colour the Peter Kaiser shoes they stock are made in – giving you a unique selection from which to choose.

Ovara Topas Pin (pale grey)  £125  (10mm heel)  SALE  £87

Indora in Notte Suede (Navy)  £125  (35mm heel)  SALE  £87

Pura in Topas Block (Grey)  £125  (35mm heel)  SALE  £87

Pura in Notte Crown (Navy and Silver)  £125  (35mm heel)  SALE  £87

Lagos in Notte Spillo (Navy and White Spot)  £109  (25mm heel)  SALE £76

Malana in Navy  £115  (60mm heel)

Mova in Black Super  £109  (60mm heel)

Lagos Black and Grey Suede

Lagos in Black and Carbon Suede  £109  (25mm heel) SALE £76

Tossa Black Suede

Tossa in Black Suede and Leather  £169  (60mm heel)  SALE £119

Desira Black Suede

Desira in Black Suede  £149  (35mm heel) SALE £104

Natalie in Topas Suede

Natalie in Topas Suede and Patent  £109  (25mm heel)  SALE  £54.50

Jamala Sand Londra

Jamala in Sand Londra  £119  (60mm heel)  SALE £59.50

Tatiana Sand Suede

Tatiana in Sand Suede  £119  (45mm heel)  SALE £59.50

Elizabeth White Lux

Elizabeth in White Lux  £109  (45mm heel)  SALE £54.50